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WFR-Aquaplast and Qfix Systems is a world leader in radiotherapy patient positioning and immobilization. Our thermoplastic, Aquaplast RT is the most recognized brand of radiotherapy patient immobilization thermoplastic in the US, and possibly the world. Invented in 1975, Aquaplast RT was the first low temperature thermoplastic to be used in the radiotherapy community. Aquaplast RT is used to create a rigid mask, or shell, that positions and immobilizes a patient during a radiotherapy procedure.

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Aquaplast y fiberplast
Aquaplast RT and Fibreplast U-Frame

Aquaplast RT and Fibreplast U-Frame

Our flat U-Frame Headboards provide low-cost platforms for head and neck patient positioning. The ProBoard is upgradable to become the Tilt-Pro Base Tilting Headboard. It can then be used with... más info>>

Aquaplast RT and Fibreplast S-Frame Aquaplast RT and Fibreplast S-Frame

We offer Aquaplast RT and Fibreplast disposable S-Frames to work with our CURVE Board and most competing S-Frame systems...
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Aids and Accessories

Aquaplast RT

Custom Bolus
Bolx I and Bolx II

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Pro-Tekt Endorectal Balloon

The Pro-Tekt endorectal balloon immobilizes the prostate and other structures that surround the rectum during radiation therapy treatment. A disposable single-use device, the Pro-Tekt product... más info >>

Leg Wedge/Foot Block

The Indexed Foam Knee Wedge/Indexed Foam Foot Blocks is designed to provide comfortable and repeatable positioning with its ergonomic design. The Indexed Foam Knee Wedge and Indexed Foam Foot Block are lightweight...
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aquaplast Stainless Steel Aquapans

The stainless steel Aquapan Heating Pan is perfect for both Aquaplast RT and Fibreplast thermoplastics. The tank holds up to 40 liters (10 gallons) of water. The Aquapan is constructed of heavy-duty... más info >>
aquaplast Postioning Cushions
TIMO Head and Neck Support Cushions

These durable polyurethane-foam head and neck support cushions provide consistent repeatable positioning of the head...
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aquaplast Vac-Q-fix cushions

Vac-Q-fix™ cushions are custom formed for patient comfort and positioning accuracy, becoming rigid when vacuum is applied. They can be easily cleaned and reused after each course of treatment... más info >>
Vac-Q-fix dual mode vacuum pumps

Our Dual Mode Vacuum Pumps are simple to use and allow you to Mould firm, stable patient positioning cushions in minutes. más info >>
Head and neck
Aquaplast RT and Fibreplast S-Frame Cantilever Board Featherline Edition

This patented head and neck device is revolutionary in that it seamlessly integrates shoulder depression. Prior to the development of the Cantilever Board... más info >>
Aquaplast RT and Fibreplast S-Frame Tilt-Pro Tilting Base

The Tilt-Pro Tilting Base allows precise angling of the head in both prone and supine treatments to avoid critical structures. The Tilt-Pro adapts easily to most treatment tabletops, simulator and CT tables.

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Breast and Torso
Breasboard QUEST Breastboard

The QUEST Breastboard features a robust angling mechanism that provides precise patient positioning without worry of collapse. You will be equipped to deliver indexed angulation...
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srbt SBRT Device

The Stradivarius SBRT system is optimized for use with the kVue Couchtop. As a kVue Insert the Stradivarius is the couchtop surface and the treatment device, thus significantly reducing secondary electron generation from treatment fields that would pass through the couchtop surface. más info >>
Pelvis and Extremities

Qfix Carbon Fiber Pelvis System

The Qfix Carbon Fiber Pelvis System” uses the widely popular leg wedge technique for easy and accurate pelvis target repositioning. This system flattens the lower lumbar...
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Coutchtops and CT Inserts
coutchtops kVue IGRT Couchtop

The kVue is a state-of-the-art radiotherapy couchtop that is optimized for the most recent advances in treatment and imaging technology. (Needs at least one Couchtop Insert to function) más info >>
kvue inserts kVue Couchtop Inserts

A kVue Couchtop System consists of a kVue Base Frame, at least one Couchtop Insert, a Back Panel and the appropriate Interface Plate. (An Interface Plate is not required when..más info >>
Patient Marking and Labeling


WFR-Aquaplast/Qfix Systems introduces the X-MARK fiducial marker. At 99.95 percent pure gold, X-MARK is actively visible under ultrasound, X-ray, portal, CTand MR imaging... más info >>

suremark Suremark Markers
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Qfix Gold Fiducial Markers

Qfix Implantable Gold Fiducial Markers are used as a tool to aid in tumor localization. They facilitate localization for External Beam...
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